Experience the love, freedom and miraculous power of God in everyday life.

Each of these workshops are one-day workshops (8 hours). Courses 1 and 2 can be combined to form a weekend workshop of Friday 9am - 8pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm.

For more information or to inquire about how to organize a workshop for your church/region fill out the Invite Tara Request.

  • Hearing God Workshop Course 1: Intro + Recognizing God’s Voice

    Through Biblical examples as well as humorous and touching personal stories, Tara Browder will help demystify what "hearing God" means in our daily lives.

    In this workshop you will:

    - Learn ways God speaks and begin to recognize ways God is already speaking to you
    - Gain practical tools to enhance two-way communication with God in your daily prayer and devotional time
    - Uncover truth to address possible myths or lies you have been believing about God and His voice
    - Grow in your understanding of the gift of prophecy (receiving revelation from God--hearing His voice), who it's for, its purpose, and its relevance in today's society
    - Participate in various activities designed to increase your capacity to perceive the voice of God
    - Connect with others who are on a journey of discovering God's voice

  • Hearing God Workshop Course 2: Interpreting God’s Voice

    Pre-Requisite: Course 1 from the series.

    Get ready to take hearing God’s voice to the next level! Using Bible parables/examples as well as over twenty five years of her personal experiences prophesying (the successes, the mistakes and everything in between), Tara will help you learn how to go beyond just recognizing God’s voice by teaching you how to interpret and apply revelation from God.

    In this workshop, you will:
    - Learn more advanced concepts of interpreting and applying personal communication from God -- We will have an extended section for dream interpretation (* bring dreams typed out for interpretation)
    - Learn practical methods of ministering prophetically (give a word from God or word of encouragement to someone) and ways to avoid pitfalls in prophetic ministry by following "prophetic etiquette"
    - Recognize and learn how to overcome the obstacles (including fear of failure) that the enemy places in our lives to keep us from acting on God’s voice
    - Get answers to questions like: What happens if the word we received and released was not accurate? What if we miss an opportunity or make a mistake?
    - Receive personal prophetic ministry through other attendees as all are being activated in the gift of prophecy and learning to listen to God's voice for others
    - Participate in individual and group activities designed to increase your capacity to perceive, interpret and apply the voice of God and encourage others through His voice.

  • Hearing God Workshop Course 3: Ministering to Others

    Pre-Requisite: Courses 1 and 2 of the series

    In this final course, you will be activated and equipped as Holy Spirit empowers you to minister to those in your spheres of influence through the gift of prophecy and healing.

    In this workshop, you will:
    - Take the concepts learned in Course I and II to the next level as you learn to hear the voice of God and minister to others outside the boundaries of the workshop setting
    - Learn relevant ways Holy Spirit empowers you to minister to people within your spheres of influence through the gift of prophecy and healing
    - Recognize and learn how to overcome the obstacles to ministering to people outside the boundaries of the four walls of the church... including overcoming the fear of approaching people and the fear of “what if I pray for someone’s healing and they don’t get healed?”
    - Learn practical ways to make room for healing, prophecy, and the miraculous to become a normal part of your life and the life of your church
    - Take your prophetic and healing gifts to the streets (in groups of two to three) and see first hand how the gifts of prophecy and healing can be used to change the lives of those in your community
    - Learn from the successes and challenges of others through the debriefing sessions and Q/A sessions after each outreach
    - Be inspired and challenged by time testimony and sharing after each of the three our evangelistic outreach

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